Using Fresh Ingredients from Natural Grocery Stores

If you are like the majority of Americans you cook your own food for your family. Most meals and dinner plans call for ingredients that can be easily replaced with their natural counterparts. By natural I mean no pesticides were used while it was growing and it is not a genetically modified organism. Genetically modified organisms or GMO’s are a hot topic today as it is found out that big corporations are creating and modifying the natural genetic make up of popular produce items like tomatoes and avocados to make them bigger, tougher and stronger. This raises concern as to the long term effects of eating these type of lab created ingredients. If a food is organic, it has not been altered in any way. It is straight from the earth to you. The same way it has been for thousands and thousands of years.

Is Natural Food Expensive?

The common misconception in the world of natural foods is that it is more expensive than the genetically modified lab foods. This is untrue as shopping smart allows for you to eat natural without breaking the bank. If you think about it, wouldn’t it cost more to do the genetic testing that is required to make these foods into what they are? The cost of these modifications are rolled into the cost at the stores. There are no extra costs for organic produce.